Easy audio control for the Mac.

Control all your audio devices from the status bar, receive system notifications when relevant events happen on your audio devices and more.

User control

Change the master output volume, sample rate, clock source, system default input and output and more!


Always in the status bar!

AudioMate can display up to 2 parameters in the status bar at once:

  • the device's master volume (graphical, percentage, or dB)
  • the device's sample rate
  • the device's clock source

Device actions

Decide what actions to run when a device is connected, such as setting the device's master volume, sample rate, or clock source.


System notifications

Receive system notifications about relevant events happening on your audio devices, such as when...

  • a device is added or removed
  • a device's volume changes
  • a device's mute state changes
  • a device's sample rate changes
  • a device's clock source changes

Note: This functionality requires Growl when using Mac OS X 10.7. For later versions, Mac OS X's Notification Center (already integrated into Mac OS X 10.8 and later) will be used instead.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find an answer to the most common questions you may have about our app, or contact us!

Q: What are AudioMate's system requirements?
A: A 64-bit Mac and OS X 10.7 or later.
Q: What languages is AudioMate available in?
A: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文), and Japanese (日本語).
Q: What are the demo limitations?
A: Demo is restricted to 20 minutes per session and the user settings are not saved.
Q: Why does AudioMate require a 64-bit processor and OS X 10.7 or later?
A: Because we wanted to be able to support the newest technologies in OS X we had no other option but to leave the 32-bits behind, OS X 10.6 included.

Contact & Support

Have you found a bug in our app? A crucial feature is missing? Or perhaps you want to write about us? In any case, feel free to get in touch!

Note: Please state your OS X and AudioMate versions if you want to report a bug or ask a technical question.